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Out Da Mud Naturals was created in 2019 by Marjorie, A Nurse who later decided to become a stay at home mama so she can spend  more time with her little ones. One day she was online shopping for skincare products and thought to herself she can just DIY the basic products/daily essentials she usually buys, but with minimal chemicals and non-toxic ingredients.

Marjorie recalled during a conversation she had with her cousin, that she loved to crush berries with sticks on a tree stump and mix it with mud and make her little potions when she was a child. She instantly had a vision to create her own skincare brand, while incorporating spirituality, culture, and ancestral wisdom. She then told her husband, who is a graffiti artist and muralist about her vision and he surprised her by hand drawing her a business logo! 3 years later, it is now circulating all over the globe... Changing lives, enhancing people's selfcare rituals and bringing out their natural glow! 

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