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Tagalog is an Austronesian Language, main language of the Philippines.

List of Out Da Mud products that are inspired by my Filipino Culture and their meanings:

ULAP : (noun) Cloud; Fog; Mist

BIYAYA: (noun) Blessing; To Bless; Grace

KAYUMANGGI: (adj) Brown (Race, complexion, color)

PANAGINIP: (noun) Dream; To dream; Dream of

MAYARI: (noun) Philippine moon goddess

BULAKLAK: (noun) Flower; Petals

PUTIK: (noun) Mud; Dirt

HALO-HALO: (noun) Philippine delicacy; Sweet dessert made of sweet beans, ube halaya, minatamis na saging, nata de coco, evaporated milk, coconut ice, and macapuno strings

CHAMPORADO: (noun) Philippine comfort food made with sweet, glutinous rice, dark cacao, sugar, evaporated milk and cinnamon. Best paired with dried fish. Yum! Sarap (Good)

BUKO PANDAN: (noun) Sweet Philippine dessert made of pandan leaf extract and buko (young coconut)

UBE HALAYA: (noun) Sweet purple potato jam

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